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Dean Drako on Hybrid Cloud Bursting: 5 Principles for Successful Deployment

With 47% of organizations expected to utilize hybrid cloud bursting for design and/or verification in the next two years, Dean Drako shares his principles for successful execution.

Dean Drako 2022

Prakash Narain on Reset Domain Crossing Sign-Off: 4 Fundamentals to Eliminate RDC Bug Escapes

Prakash Narain discusses reset domain crossing fundamentals on eliminating bugs, compares RDC to CDC, and the power, performance, and area implications of certain design choices.

Anirudh Devgan on 4 Ways Computational Software is Transforming System Design & Hardware Design

Anirudh Devgan offers his detailed insights on computational software. He shares a clear definition of computational software, along with specific ways it is transforming system design & hardware design.

Dean Drako on 5 Elements of Future-Proof Multisite Design & IP Management

Dean Drako shares insights based on an industry survey on 5 key elements of multisite design & IP management, including IP reuse, design tapeout & resource predication, and cloud trends.

Prakash Narain on Static Sign-Off’s 6 Fundamentals to Maximize Design & Verification Efficiency

Prakash Narain discusses static sign-off fundamentals during the design process, including primary target domains and implementation techniques, plus a comparison of static sign-off vs. simulation & formal.

Prakash Narain Real Intent CEO

Jim Hogan, Amit Gupta & Rajeev Madhavan on Negotiation

After a survey of more than 200 engineers showed that negotiation was a highly desired skill, Jim, Amit and Rajeev each share their negotiating tips.

Joe Costello & Aart De Geus on Selling Your Ideas

In part 1 of Selling your Ideas, Aart de Geus, CEO of Synopsys, and Joe Costello, Chairman of Metrics each share their tips on persuasion.

Wally Rhines & Dean Drako on Selling Your Ideas

In part 2 of selling your ideas, Wally Rhines, CEO Emeritus of Mentor (a Seimens business), and Dean Drako, CEO of IC Manage each share their tips on persuasion.

Clock Domain Crossing Tools – Reviews & Metrics

User reviews on the most commonly used commercial clock domain crossing verification tools, along with the key metrics the users referenced in their reviews.

Formal Verification Tools — Reviews & Metrics

System and semiconductor verification engineer reviews on commonly used commercial formal verification tools, along with the primary metrics that the users referenced when reviewing the products.