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Anirudh Devgan on 4 Ways Computational Software is Transforming System Design & Hardware Design

Anirudh Devgan offers his detailed insights on computational software. He shares a clear definition of computational software, along with specific ways it is transforming system design & hardware design.

Prakash Narain on Static Sign-Off’s 6 Fundamentals to Maximize Design & Verification Efficiency

Prakash Narain discusses static sign-off fundamentals during the design process, including primary target domains and implementation techniques, plus a comparison of static sign-off vs. simulation & formal.

Prakash Narain Real Intent CEO

Dean Drako on why Happy Customers Make a Difference

Dean Drako’s #1 entrepreneurial principle is keeping customers happy.  Dean gives his three reasons why it is so important.

Jim Hogan, Amit Gupta & Rajeev Madhavan on Negotiation

After a survey of more than 200 engineers showed that negotiation was a highly desired skill, Jim, Amit and Rajeev each share their negotiating tips.

Joe Costello & Aart De Geus on Selling Your Ideas

In part 1 of Selling your Ideas, Aart de Geus, CEO of Synopsys, and Joe Costello, Chairman of Metrics each share their tips on persuasion.

Wally Rhines & Dean Drako on Selling Your Ideas

In part 2 of selling your ideas, Wally Rhines, CEO Emeritus of Mentor (a Seimens business), and Dean Drako, CEO of IC Manage each share their tips on persuasion.

Clock Domain Crossing Tools – Reviews & Metrics

User reviews on the most commonly used commercial clock domain crossing verification tools, along with the key metrics the users referenced in their reviews.

Formal Verification Tools — Reviews & Metrics

System and semiconductor verification engineer reviews on commonly used commercial formal verification tools, along with the primary metrics that the users referenced when reviewing the products.