Full Survey Report for:

5 Elements of Future-Proof

Multisite Design & IP Management

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PDF of  full survey report includes additional data:

1. Survey Methodology

2. Multisite Design & IP Management (DDM)

  • Percent of organizations doing multisite design (2+ sites)
  • Top 3 multisite DDM features wanted
  • Multisite DDM top reports

3. Predicting delivery dates & resource needs

  • Top design & resource items to predict

4. IP creation, reuse & monitoring infrastructure

  • ­ Portion of design content that is IP reuse vs. new design content
  • 3rd party IP reuse vs internal

5. Managing multiple DM systems

  • How many different DDM systems organizations support
  • How many need improved integration between DDM systems
  • Portion using DDM system to manage 3rd party IP

6. Design & verification in the cloud

  • Organizations currently doing design & verification in the cloud plus future plans
  •  Granular current & planned cloud deployment:  All tools vs. hybrid cloud bursting

7. Delays due to design & IP management issues

  • Percent of organizations experiencing delays due to DDM issues
  • Lengths of delays due to DDM issues